In Twain


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Track 2 recorded partially in January 2013 at Drexel University, Tracks 1-4 recorded in Pilam's basement in West Philadelphia August-September 2013.


released September 5, 2013

Dan Parshall: guitar and vocals on all tracks; bass on tracks 1, 3, 4; production/engineering; cover photo
Alex Temme: drums on all tracks, vocals on tracks 1-3
with appearances by:
Erica Belfie: vocals on tracks 2 & 3
Elvis Hatcher: vocals on track 3




BONE BATS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A two-or-three piece band from west philadelphia basements playing kinda-mathy, kinda-jazzy early-modest-mouse-type indie rock songs.

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Track Name: Cash Bone
I got another text from my dog again, he wants to know if maybe he can cop a gram (or two).
Dropped acid but thought it time to lift base, drinking Drano tends to make my little belly race (away).
Got tired, poured my glass out into the sink, went to go ice fishing on a skating rink (fell through)
Caught a salmon airman trout but I caught a cold, drained the lake so that I could let my feet soak

Come on. A broken leg or broken wing or chance to move on.

Bleached asshole but he dyed his hair, see the seapunk band wearing band underwear (no tattoos!)
Lit an s, caught a train while heading west, shocked I didn't end up needing a bigger net
Selling tickets, selling tokens, selling candygrams, sold my wallet to a better-looking salesman (great deal)
Wrote some letters to a cutie at the pharmacist's, no reply but I guess they were anonymous ("were")

Come on. A broken leg or broken wing or chance to move on.
Track Name: Fake Science Monthly
I thought when I came home for Christmas, my bed would feel just as warm
I'd sneak some box wine with my brother and it'd be just like before
So we drank and played Gamecube in the basement
And I forgot why I used to hate him
But all my things were inside boxes and I noticed it was cold out
My parents move out in the spring so where do I call home now?

I went to see some high school friends, the winter drive was wonderful
I came feeling nostalgic but just left feeling uncomfortable
Was I ever content
if I don't like my friends?
I told you, old friend, when I saw you that I missed you so much
That's a lie, I haven't even thought about you once

Maybe my standards are too high
But if I don't feel safe, then where am I?
Track Name: Baby, You Can Extend My Metaphor
I knew my way around your body
like I knew my way around the trains in this city,
which is to say,
with educated guesses, I could do OK

I traced the Orange Line down your spine
with that same fragility like my first subway ride
and as the train suddenly lurches I stumble, but act like it's on purpose
hoping you don't notice just how secretly nervous I really am

I remember the first time you slept in my bed
I think this was before I'd even bought my own tokens yet
and I was scared
I don't know why, weren't we way past this point by then?

and the hours it took for me to run my fingers across your skin
drumming along your ribs at maybe .5 bpm
waiting for it inevitably: when you would say "go the fuck to sleep"
or push me out of the bed
or roll over away from me
or just do nothing
and wait for me to get the hint
but instead we kissed

I remember breathing in your hair
so deeply that for a moment I understood why shampoos had their
own aisle in the supermarket
I understood marketing majors
I understood brand loyalty
Track Name: Weed Jeans (Jazz Cords)
There are no sheets on my bed so I guess I'm sleeping here tonight
The subway doesn't run this late
At least I can sleep on your couch and maybe we can get high
I feel like I'm in the right place

I watch him dump out the ash and rub it into his pant leg
I wonder when he started that
I see myself in a year and I got a vision I can't shake
My grey denim streaked with black

It sneaks up.
I feel numb.
No feeling.
Am I dead?

No, (or at least I hope so).