Cash Bone


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recorded onto a tascam portastudio 414 4-track tape machine in august 2013 in pilam's basement


I got another text from my dog again, he wants to know if maybe he can cop a gram (or two).
Dropped acid but thought it time to lift base, drinking Drano tends to make my little belly race (away).
Got tired, poured my glass out into the sink, went to go ice fishing on a skating rink (fell through)
Caught a salmon airman trout but I caught a cold, drained the lake so that I could let my feet soak

Come on. A broken leg or broken wing or chance to move on dot org

Bleached asshole but he dyed his hair, see the seapunk band wearing band underwear (no tattoos!)
Lit an s, caught a train while heading west, shocked I didn't end up needing a bigger net
Selling tickets, selling tokens, selling candygrams, sold my wallet to a better-looking salesman (great deal)n
Wrote some letters to a cutie at the pharmacist's, no reply but I guess they were anonymous ("were")

Come on. A broken leg or broken wing or chance to move on dot org


released August 11, 2013
dan parshall: guitar, bass, vocals, ~~production~~
alex temme: drums, vocals




BONE BATS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A two-or-three piece band from west philadelphia basements playing kinda-mathy, kinda-jazzy early-modest-mouse-type indie rock songs.

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