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the roots of this song are from a song I wrote on a piano in spring 2011. 95% of the guitar parts were written and demoed around january 2013. everything else came summer 2014.

DGDABE tuning, key of D major.


Are my convictions too vague for you to see?
Can I take your struggle and make it about me?
Will you let me desecrate your symbols with impunity?
I haven't felt like enough of a victim today.

I'm gonna start shit and get away with it like always.
I'll "further the discourse" and make it all worse saying anything.

Don't police my thought-policing! It's for your own good.
I can't believe what I'm hearing: my word is not god?
Your opinion is worth millions. We appreciate your call.
If you want to hear more options, mash the keypad with your palm.

Are my convictions too loud for you to meet:
Platitudes and slogans I learned to repeat?
My faceless corporations are the right ones.
I'll vote with my money, it's all I got.

Relax, and pattern-match. Ignore the meaning and find the strawman to attack.
Mentally entering all I don't understand as my enemy.

No one asked for your opinion! It contradicts mine.
You're all open targets! Mess with me and cross the line.
Your opinion is worth millions. We appreciate your call.
If you want to hear more options, throw away your goddamn phone.


from Entry​-​Level, released July 5, 2014
dan parshall: guitar, vocals
alex temme: drums
andrew ciampa: bass




BONE BATS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A two-or-three piece band from west philadelphia basements playing kinda-mathy, kinda-jazzy early-modest-mouse-type indie rock songs.

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